Thursday, December 31, 2009

Head Down Eyes Open at Hootenanny

Head Down Eyes Open surfaced as an idea for a blog on February 07th this year. My main motivation was two fold - to be able to write and discuss issues of political and humanitarian concern while at the same time learn more, much more, about social media, the blogosphere, search optimization,RSS, micro-blogging and so forth. On both counts I can honestly say it has proven to be immensely rewarding and we will continue, with fellow travellers like regular contributor Joe Lowry, to up the ante in twenty ten.

Wordle: Head Down Eyes Open blog wordled

Since the first post eleven months ago we have managed to compile over a hundred forty posts in Head Down Eyes Open, the vast majority of which is fully original writing and analysis (i.e. not aggregated from other sites). We have also had the pleasure (and honor) of posts being picked up and linked by different mainstream and online media including CNN and the Irish Times. So now, on the eve of a new decade and a new year for the blog I wanted to Wordle it to see what popped up - I am so pleased to see such a primary emphasis on the word "People" 'cause that is basically what we are about. Enough said - HDEO wishes you all a healthy and happy 2010 and beyond. Sincere thanks for your support and interest, we wouldn't be here without it. Keep fighting the good fight. Happy Hootenanny and Keep the Aspidistra Flying ....


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  1. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for starting HDEO. It was defintely one of the bright highlights of 2009. Your articles have enlightened me, educated me, surprised me, made me smile, and helped me laugh. I applaud and admire the great work that you and your colleagues do. I look forward to continuing to be one of your loyal readers well into the 2010's.
    With thanks and wishing you Bonne Annee!