Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Poverty Poem by Fred Taban from South Sudan

Please take 1 min and 50 seconds to listen to "Poverty poem" by Fred Taban which was recorded last week in South Sudan. Fred is a theology professor at the Episcopal Church Sudan Seminary in Kajo Keji county. He has been a refugee for most of his life. When Fred speaks of poverty he knows what he is talking about. 

Fred Taban’s poem on poverty is a thoughtful and universal meditation on the bitter predicament that is faced on a daily basis by ever greater number of people on this planet. On HDEO we have written frequently about the need to use or global presence and access to new technologies to allow people to speak for themselves (as opposed to international organiaztions "speaking on their behalf") - examples are here and here. Fred's poem captured on camera and posted on Vimeo is a good example where the persons who knows, the person who matters is speaking directly to those of us who need to hear, who need to act or be moved to act. 

Thanks to our good friends at A developing Story and photographer-storyteller Stephen Alvarez for bringing Fred's words directly to us. FYI: this was recorded on a canon 7d with sound on a zoom h4n recorder through Sennheiser wireless.


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  1. Super. What makes it really strong is the "soundtrack". You can almost forget you are in a European winter and be transported to Africa