Sunday, July 5, 2009

Upping the Blogging

Last November I read a piece called "Why I Blog" in my favourite magazine - the Atlantic - by journalist Andrew Sullivan. In an instant I connected and got off my hesitating ass and decided to start blogging. What I liked about Andrew's piece was his updated take on not taking yourself too seriously. Yes, blogging has a power of potential but it is also a place of imperfections - and so what? Spontaneity is the opposing thumb of Editing and can provide more insight and revealing truths than any carefully crafted text. In its essence blogging should be considered as 'live' writing rather than 'publishing' - in fact, it is arguably closer to broadcasting than publishing.

After a quick chat with my Head Down Eyes Opener-in-arms last week, Joe Lowry, we have agreed to up the flow of HDEO. We will start to include more random ideas, opinions, pictures, captions, quotes - all in the HDEO spirit of course, while continuing with the same rthymn and rate of posts. Till now, most of the content has been fully original but to keep things hopping we need to pull from many pools and inject more frequent shots of espresso (and stronger) into the conversation. And, on the cusp of the second half of the year, all feedback and content welcomed dear friends. And visit often to sample the new improved HDEO nugget flavors.

For now, I hand you over to Andrew Sullivan himself as he waxes lyrical about blogging at the recent Aspen Ideas Festival, hosted by the Atlantic.


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